Welcome to my photo home page. I love to travel to outdoor places and take photographs, and this is where I take the opportunity to share my passion with others.

You will find several categories of photos here:

1) Image Galleries - These are what i consider my better photos, meaning I would at least consider printing them and displaying them on my wall.

2) Trips, Day Trips, and Local Photos - I live in Northern California, so "Day Trips" are just that: trips to a place we visited for a day. "Trips" are the same types of photos, but typically from multi-day trips. "Out and About" are generally photos I took locally because I had my camera with me at the right time. All of these categories are more the "family slide show" of trips I have taken: These photos are more of a narrative of a trip or event. If you are thinking of visiting one of these places, these galleries will give you an idea of what you may see, but the majority of the photos are probably not engaging enough to think about hanging on your wall.

Trips, Day Trips, and Local Photos